Architect Tools

Basic Scaling tool

A. To find out the drawing scale, please insert measured lenght (on paper) and known lenght (as in reality)

Scale is 1:

B. To find out the lenght in reality, please specify the scale and insert measured lenght (on paper)

The real lenght is: (meters)

C. To find out the lenght on a specific scale (on paper), please specify the scale and the lenght (in reality)

The lenght at specified scale is: (centimeters)

Scale in Scale

This is to find out a dimenssion at a specific scale within another scale workspace. For instance: if all of your work is in model-space and you want to print it at a specific scale, but you want to insert details at another scale on the same page

The corespondend lenght is: (centimeters)

Ramp lenght for people with locomotor disabilities

Please specify the height from ground to floor finish


Minimum ramp lenght: (meters)

Car access ramp length

Please specify the ground elevation from project absolute 0.00m (using ”minus” for negative values) and the elevation of finished floor of the car parking



Minimum ramp lenght is: (meters)

Interior staircase calculation

Please specify the start elevation of stairs (use `minus" for elevation under absolute 0.00m)


Please specify the end elevation of stairs

*leave empty for straight stairs

Staircase height: (centimeters)

Tread depth: (centimeters)

Riser height: (centimeters)

Quick structure

Please specify the distance between 2 grids


Min. beam height is: (centimeters)

Min. beam thickness is: (centimeters)

Min. column width: (centimeters)